InkDivider Class

InkDivider Class

Represents the ability to analyze the layout of a collection of strokes and divide them into text and graphics.


DivideReturns a IInkDivisionResult object that contains structural information about the strokes in the InkDivider object.
LineHeightGets or sets the expected handwriting height in ink space units.
RecognizerContextReturns or sets the InkRecognizerContext object used for handwriting recognition.
StrokesReturns or sets the InkStrokes collection contained by the InkDivider object.


This object can be instantiated by calling the CoCreateInstance method in C++ or by using the New keyword in Microsoft® Visual Basic® 6.0.

The InkDivider object uses the layout of the strokes, the order in which the strokes are added, the direction in which the strokes are drawn, and other factors to perform the analysis of the ink. The InkStrokes collection that the InkDivider object analyzes is contained in the Strokes property of the InkDivider object. The InkDivider object dynamically analyzes the InkStrokes collection as you add to or delete from the collection, but it performs no modification of the strokes.

The analysis results are returned in a IInkDivisionResult object.

The InkDivider object uses a InkRecognizerContext object to more accurately divide the strokes and to assign a recognition string to the results.

Note: The InkDivider object uses the default property settings of the InkRecognizerContext object.

If you do not assign a recognizer context to the InkDivider object, the InkDivider object still analyzes the ink, but it divides the strokes less accurately and does not associate text with the division results.

Note: The RecognizerContext property should be set before adding strokes to the Strokes property. After strokes have been added to the InkDivider object, the RecognizerContext property cannot be changed.

The InkDivider does not currently support vertical languages. For the InkDivider object to recognize these languages properly the IInkRecognizer object for the language must support the free input capability and the characters must be written from left to right.

COM Implementation

This object implements the IInkDivider COM interface.

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