This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Programming with WSE

The Web Services Enhancements for Microsoft .NET (WSE) provides access to features specified in the XML Web services architecture, also known as the Web services specifications, by building on the programming model for Web services created using ASP.NET. That is, WSE extends the programming model by introducing a SoapContext class and the WSE router. Through the SoapContext class, the developer primarily accesses the WSE implementation of the WS-Security and DIME Web services specifications. Likewise, the WSE router provides primary access to the WSE implementation of routing capability.

In This Section

Working with a SoapContext

Details how to get and use the SoapContext associated with a SOAP message.
Securing Web Services

Provides step-by-step details on how to secure Web services by using WSE. This includes sending security credentials in the SOAP message, instead of at the transport layer, digitally signing messages so that recipients can verify the contents of the SOAP message have not changed since it was signed, and encrypting the body of SOAP messages, so that only the intended recipient can read the contents of the SOAP message.
Configuring a Web Service's Policy

Details how to use policy to verify outgoing and enforce incoming meet an application-defined set of minimum requirements. Policy applies to both SOAP senders and receivers.
Sending and Receiving SOAP Messages

Details how to send and receive SOAP messages using SOAP Messaging. SOAP messaging allows you to send and receive SOAP messages using a transport-independent model that does not require the use of a Web server. By default, WSE allows you to send and receive SOAP messages using HTTP and TCP using this model.
Routing SOAP Messages with WSE

Details how to configure the WSE router to transparently delegate SOAP messages to the appropriate Web server or another router.
How to: Add Attachments to a SOAP Message by Using DIME

Details how to add file attachments to a SOAP message by using WSE.
Filtering SOAP Messages

Details the process of filtering SOAP messages by their headers.