IInkCursors Interface

IInkCursors Interface

IInkCursors Interface

Represents a collection of IInkCursor objects.


The following tables list the members exposed by the object.


ItemSpecifies the cursor to return at the known index into the collection.


_NewEnumGets either the IEnumVARIANT or IEnumUnknown enumerator interface for the collection. Use this property to retrieve each object in the collection.

The _NewEnum property is marked restricted in the Interface Definition Language (IDL) definition for the collection interfaces. It is not shown in the Microsoft® Visual Basic® 6.0 object browser. It is automatically used internally when you use the For Each In construct in Visual Basic 6.0.

CountReturns the number of cursors in the collection.


A cursor becomes part of the cursors collection of an InkCollector object, InkOverlay object, or the InkPicture control when it comes within range of the object. Each time a new cursor comes within range, it is added to the object's cursors collection. The cursors collection exists only during the lifetime of that object.

For example, if a pen is used to draw ink on an InkCollector object, it becomes part of the InkCollector object's Cursors property. If a mouse is then used for input on the same InkCollector object, it is also added to the collection.

You can use this collection to enumerate over all of the IInkCursor objects on a known InkCollector object.

For more information about collections in Automation, see Working with Collections.

COM Implementation

This collection implements the IInkCursors COM interface.

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