Supported Factoids from Version 1

Supported Factoids from Version 1

Overview of supported factoids from version 1.

Note: The following topics describe the factoids supported in version 1 of the Microsoft® Windows® XP Tablet PC Edition Software Development Kit (SDK). These values are still supported by the recognizers, but it is recommended that all new development (for Western recognition engines) use the values defined in the InputScope.

The Tablet PC Platform supports a number of factoids that are used to increase recognition accuracy. When using factoids, it is important that the expected input exactly match the definition of the factoid. If the input does not match the definition of the factoid, recognition accuracy suffers. For example, if the Number factoid is set and the user enters letters, the recognition accuracy for letters is poor.

Certain factoids, such as Email and Digit, are almost identical across languages. Other factoids, such as Telephone and PostalCode, vary by language. Examine the format of each factoid for the language that you are using. A list of formats for each factoid in each language can be found in the following tables.

Note: There is a subtle but important distinction between factoids for western languages and factoids for East Asian languages. Factoids for western languages are implemented by using expressions that describe the desired result. The recognizer is then biased to produce results that match this expression. Factoids for East Asian languages are implemented by specifying an acceptable range of Unicode characters. For example, the Date factoid for East Asian languages accepts only Unicode characters within a certain range.

Factoids for western languages include factoids for English (U.S.), English (Worldwide), French, German, and Spanish. Factoids for East Asian languages include factoids for Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Japanese, and Korean.

The following sections show the formats supported for each factoid in each language:

If you expect input that is different from the formats listed in the tables in these sections, do not use a factoid. In addition, factoids are built into the recognizer for each language. You cannot use factoids from one language with a recognizer from another language. For example, you cannot use the French Telephone factoid with a Japanese recognizer.