Dictation Mode

Dictation Mode

Overview of dictation mode and how it can be combined with the voice command mode.

In dictation mode, words are not recognized as commands. Instead, dictation enables users to speak freely to the computer, which then translates the speech into the application as text. Dictation is practical in situations where users wish to combine mobility with added ease of input, whether in the office or away from the desk. In addition, dictation offers an alternate method for entering information for users who are less proficient with a keyboard. Recognition accuracy improves with user experience and voice training, further increasing ease of input.

Combining Modes

It is possible to combine voice command mode with dictation mode. An example of this is an application that requires the user to create a shape and place it correctly and accurately within a design. These actions may be accomplished by using the pen as a mouse. However, you can enable your application so that in speech mode the user speaks the command dimensions form, dictates the numeric dimensions of the object, and then says OK to accept the shape. The following table illustrates the combination of the two speech modes.

UtteranceAction in applicationSpeech mode employed
"Dimensions form"Opens dialog box.Voice command
Numeric dimensions of the objectInputs size and placement information into the dialog box.Dictation
"OK"Accepts size and placement information. Equivalent to tapping OK.Voice command

Speech operations complement pen operations. The user accomplishes tasks (placing and sizing a box, for example) quickly and without interrupting the positions of his or her hands or the pen.