Hosted HTML Object Model Reference

This section provided detailed reference information about the objects that support hosted HTML applications.

Note    Hosted HTML has been deprecated in version 6.0 of this SDK. To use the new features of the Windows Media Center SDK, you must develop a Windows Media Center Presentation Layer application. However, if you still want to develop a hosted HTML application or update an existing application, you can download and use the previous version of the Windows Media Center SDK from the Microsoft Download Center.

Windows Media Center exposes the following hosted HTML objects:

AudioMixerProvides a way to control the Windows Media Center mute state and volume level.
CapabilitiesProvides a way to discover whether certain system capabilities and resources are currently available.
CustomViewPortProvides a way to control and retrieve information about the custom view port.
DeviceInfoProvides a way to discover the capabilities of a Windows Media Center Extender.
DiscDataEnables HTML applications to get information about a disc in a changer.
ExperienceProvides a way to retrieve information about the current Windows Media Center experience.
ExPropertyEnables HTML applications to access the names and values of media properties.
MediaCenterProvides access to various features and capabilities of Windows Media Center.
MediaChangerEnables HTML applications to control the disc changer.
ParentalControlSelectorProvides a way for HTML applications to select the type of parental control settings to query.
ParentalControlSettingProvides a way for HTML applications to query the various parental control settings for movie or TV viewing.
SharedViewPortProvides a way to control and retrieve information about the shared view port.
USTVRatingsProvides a way for HTML applications to query the extended TV content ratings.

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