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Group Policy Reference

Find a Group Policy by Path

You can use the Group Policy Reference as a companion to Group Policy. The folder structure in the Contents tab of Group Policy Reference mirrors the folder structure of the Group Policy console tree. If you find a policy in Group Policy and need more information, follow the same path to the policy in the Group Policy Reference.

Find the Group Policy by Name

If you know the name of a policy, but do not know where in the Group Policy console tree it appears, use the Search tab in the Group Policy Reference. Type the policy name, and then click List topics. The full path to the policy is displayed under the policy name. Follow this same path to find the policy in Group Policy.

Find a Group Policy by Feature Name

If you think there might be a policy to perform a certain function or restrict access to a particular feature, but you do not know the name or path to the policy, use the Search tab. Type the name of the function or feature into the search box, and then click List topics. For example, to list all of the policies that affect screen savers, type screen saver.

Troubleshooting Windows 2000

The Group Policy Reference is a useful troubleshooting resource. Many group policies override, remove, or disable Windows features and components of the Windows user interface without explaining to the user what happened to their system. If a user calls to inquire about a broken or missing feature, open the Search tab in the Group Policy Reference, type the name of the feature, and then click List topics. This displays a list of all the policies that might have affected the feature.

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