Custom support URL in the Printers folder's left pane

Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Printers


Adds a customized Web page link to the Printers folder.

By default, the Printers folder includes a link to the Microsoft Support Web page. It can also include a link to a Web page supplied by the vendor of the currently selected printer.

You can use this policy to replace these default links with a link to a Web page customized for your enterprise.

If you disable this policy or do not configure it, or if you do not enter an alternate Internet address, the default links appear in the Printers folder.

Note Image Note

Web pages links only appear in the Printers folder when Web view is enabled. If Web view is disabled, the policy has no effect. (To enable Web view, open the Printers folder, and from the Tools menu, click Folder Options, click the General tab, and then click Enable Web content in folders.)

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