Action on server disconnect

Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Network\Offline Files


Determines whether network files remain available if the computer is suddenly disconnected from the server hosting the files.

This policy also disables the When a network connection is lost option on the Offline Files tab. This prevents users from trying to change the option while a policy controls it.

If you enable this policy, you can use the Action box to specify how computers in the group respond.

  • Work offline indicates that the computer can use local copies of network files while the server is inaccessible.
  • Never go offline indicates that network files are not available while the server is inaccessible.

If you disable this policy or select the Work offline option, users can work offline if disconnected.

If you do not configure this policy, users can work offline by default, but they can change this option.

note-icon Note

This policy appears in the Computer Configuration and User Configuration folders. If both policies are configured, the setting in Computer Configuration takes precedence over the setting in User Configuration.

Tip-icon Tip

To configure this setting without establishing a policy, in Windows Explorer, on the Tools menu, click Folder Options, click the Offline Files tab, click Advanced, and then select an option in the When a network connection is lost section.

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