Set Windows File Protection scanning

Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\System\Windows File Protection


Determines when Windows File Protection scans protected files. This policy directs Windows File Protection to enumerate and scan all system files for changes.

You can use this policy to direct Windows File Protection to scan files more often. By default, files are scanned only during setup. To use this policy, enable the policy and select a rate from the Scanning Frequency box.

  • Do not scan during startup, the default, scans files only during setup.
  • Scan during startup scans files each time you start Windows 2000. This setting delays each startup.
  • Scan once scans files the next time you start the system.

Note Image Note

This policy affects file scanning only. It does not affect the standard background file change detection that Windows File Protection provides.

Windows File Protection only scans when the current user is an administrator of the computer. (The Explain tab in Group Policy fails to mention this requirement.)