Cache transforms in secure location on workstation

Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Windows Installer


Saves copies of transform files in a secure location on the local computer.

Transform files consist of instructions to modify or customize a program during installation. By default, Windows Installer stores transform files in the Application Data directory in the user's profile. When a user reinstalls, removes, or repairs an installation, the transform file is available, even if the user is on a different computer or isn't connected to the network.

If you enable this policy, the transform file is saved in a secure location on the user's computer instead of in the user profile. Because Windows Installer requires the transform file in order to repeat an installation in which the transform file was used, the user must be using the same computer or be connected to the original or identical media to reinstall, remove, or repair the installation.

This policy is designed for enterprises that must take special precautions to prevent unauthorized or malicious editing of transform files.