Log event when quota warning level exceeded

Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\System\Disk Quotas


Determines whether the system records an event in the Application log when users reach their disk quota warning level on a volume.

  • If you enable this policy, the system records an event.
  • If you disable this policy, no event is recorded.
  • When you enable or disable the policy, the system disables the corresponding Log event when a user exceeds their warning level option on the Quota tab, so that administrators cannot change the logging setting while a policy is in effect.

  • If the policy is not configured, no event is recorded, but administrators can use the Quota tab option to change the logging setting.

Note Image Note

This policy does not affect the Quota Entries window on the Quota tab. Even without the logged event, users can detect that they have reached their warning level because their status in the Quota Entries window changes.

Tip-icon Tip

To find the logging option, in My Computer, right-click the name of an NTFS file system volume, click Properties, and then click the Quota tab.