Enable disk quotas

Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\System\Disk Quotas


Enables and disables disk quota management on all NTFS volumes of the computer, and prevents users from changing the setting.

  • If you enable this policy, disk quota management is enabled, and users cannot disable it.
  • If you disable the policy, disk quota management is disabled, and users cannot enable it.
  • If this policy is not configured, disk quota management is disabled by default, but administrators can enable it.

To prevent users from changing the setting while a policy is in effect, the system disables the Enable quota management option on the Quota tab of NTFS volumes.

Note Image Note

This policy enables disk quota management but does not establish or enforce a particular disk quota limit. To specify a disk quota limit, use the Default quota limit and warning level policy. Otherwise, the system uses the physical space on the volume as the quota limit.

Tip-icon Tip

To enable or disable disk quota management without setting a policy, in My Computer, right-click the name of an NTFS volume, click Properties, click the Quota tab, and then click the Enable quota management option.