Enable access to properties of RAS connections available to all users

User Configuration\Administrative Templates\Network\Network and Dial-up Connections


Determines whether a user can view and change the properties of dial-up connections that are available to all users of the computer.

This policy determines whether the Properties menu item is enabled, and thus, whether the Dial-up Connection Properties dialog box is available to users.

If you enable this policy, a Properties menu item appears when users right-click the icon for a dial-up connection. Also, when users select the connection, Properties appears on the File menu.

If you disable this policy, the Properties menu items are disabled, and users cannot open the Dial-up Connection Properties dialog box.

Tip-icon Tip

To create a dial-up connection that is available to all users, on the Connection Availability page in the Network Connections wizard, click the For all users option.

To find connections available to all users, see the Connections folder on your system drive (Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Network\Connections).

important-icon Important

This policy supersedes policies that remove or disable parts of the Dial-up Connection Properties dialog box, such as those that hide tabs, remove the check boxes for enabling or disabling components, or disable the Properties button for components that a connection uses. If you disable this policy, it overrides these subsidiary policies.