Non-default server disconnect actions

User Configuration\Administrative Templates\Network\Offline Files


Determines how computers respond when they are disconnected from particular offline file servers. This policy overrides the default response, a user-specified response, and the response specified in the Action on server disconnect policy.

This policy also disables the Exception list section on the Offline Files tab. This prevents users from trying to change the option while a policy controls it.

To use this policy, click Show, and then click Add. In the Type the name of the item to be added box, type the server's computer name. Then, in the Type the value of the item to be added box, type 0 if users can work offline when they are disconnected from this server, or type 1 if they cannot.

note-icon Note

This policy appears in the Computer Configuration and User Configuration folders. If both policies are configured, the setting in Computer Configuration takes precedence over the setting in User Configuration.

Tip-icon Tip

To configure this setting without establishing a policy, in Windows Explorer, on the Tools menu, click Folder Options, click the Offline Files tab, and then click Advanced. This policy corresponds to the settings in the Exception list section.

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