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Prevents users from using Add/Remove Programs to configure installed services.

This policy removes the Set up services section of the Add/Remove Windows Components page. The Set up services section lists system services that have not been configured and offers users easy access to the configuration tools.

If you disable this policy or do not configure it, Set up services appears only when there are unconfigured system services. If you enable this policy, Set up services never appears.

Note Image Note

This policy does not prevent users from using other methods to configure services.

Clicking the Add/Remove Windows Components button usually displays a page that consists of Set up services and a button to start the Windows Component wizard. However, when Set up services does not appear, clicking the Add/Remove Windows Components button starts the Windows Component wizard immediately.

Tip-icon Tip

To remove Set up services and prevent the Windows Component wizard from starting, enable the Hide Add/Remove Windows Components page policy.

important-icon Important

If the Hide Add/Remove Windows Components page policy is enabled, this policy is ignored.