Add/Delete items

User Configuration\AdministrativeTemplates\Desktop\Active Desktop


Adds and deletes specified Web content items.

You can use the Add box in this policy to add particular Web-based items or shortcuts to users' desktops. Users can close or delete the items (if policies allow), but the items are added again each time the policy is refreshed.

You can also use this policy to delete particular Web-based items from users' desktops. Users can add the item again (if policies allow), but the item is deleted each time the policy is refreshed.

note-icon Note

Removing an item from the Add list for this policy is not the same as deleting it. Items removed from the add list are not removed from the desktop. They are just not added again.

To make changes to this policy effective, you must log off of Windows 2000 and then log on again. (The Explain tab in Group Policy fails to mention this requirement.)