Capture Buffer Information

Properties of a capture buffer are obtained from the CaptureBuffer.Caps property.

The CaptureBufferCaps structure describes the size of the buffer, whether it supports effects, and whether it supports the format specified when it was created or must use the Microsoft Win32 wave mapper.

To retrieve information about the format of the data in the buffer, as set when the buffer was created, use the CaptureBuffer.Format property.

To find out what a capture buffer is currently doing, check the CaptureBuffer properties. The Capturing property is set if the buffer is capturing. Looping is set if Looping was set in the last call to the CaptureBuffer.Start method, as will usually be the case.

The CaptureBuffer.GetCurrentPosition method returns the offsets of the read and capture cursors within the buffer. The read cursor is at the end of the data that has been fully captured into the buffer at this point. The capture cursor is at the end of the block of data that is currently being copied into the buffer. You cannot safely retrieve data between the read cursor and the capture cursor.