Indexing Service Object

The Indexing Service performance object counters report statistics pertaining to the creation of indexes and the merging and querying of indexes by Indexing Service.

Counter Name Description Counter Type
# documents indexed Shows the number of documents indexed since the current indexing session started. This does not include the documents indexed in prior sessions of Indexing Service. PERF_COUNTER_RAWCOUNT
Deferred for indexing Shows the number of documents that need to be indexed but can't be because they are in use. PERF_COUNTER_RAWCOUNT
Files to be indexed Shows the least number of documents known to need indexing. PERF_COUNTER_RAWCOUNT
Index size (MB) Shows the size, in megabytes, of the content index. PERF_COUNTER_RAWCOUNT
Merge progress Shows the percentage of the current merge that was completed. PERF_COUNTER_RAWCOUNT
Running queries Shows the number of queries that are currently running. PERF_COUNTER_RAWCOUNT
Saved indexes Shows the number of indexes that have been saved. PERF_COUNTER_RAWCOUNT
Total # documents Shows the total number of documents known to the index. PERF_COUNTER_RAWCOUNT
Total # of queries Shows the total number of queries made since the index was mounted PERF_COUNTER_RAWCOUNT
Unique keys Shows the number of unique words in the index. PERF_COUNTER_RAWCOUNT
Word lists Shows the number of word lists in the index. PERF_COUNTER_RAWCOUNT

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