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Description This counter type shows the active time of one or more components as a percentage of the total time of the sample interval. Counters of this type measure time in 100 nanosecond (ns) units. They derive the active time by measuring the time that the components were not active and subtracting the result from multiplying 100 percent by the number of objects monitored.

This counter type is an inverse multitimer. Multitimers are designed to monitor more than one instance of a component, such as a processor or disk. Inverse counters measure the time that a component is not active and derive its active time from the measurement of inactive time.

Generic type Percentage
Formula (B - ((N1 - N0) / (D1 - D0))) x 100, where the denominator (D) represents the total elapsed time of the sample interval, the numerator (N) represents the time during the interval when monitored components were inactive, and B represents the number of components being monitored.
Average (B - ((Nx - N0) / (Dx - D0))) x 100
Example There are no counters of this type installed with Windows 2000.

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