Image Object

The Image performance object consists of counters that monitor virtual address usage of images executed by processes on the computer. This object contains "costly" counters for which data collection is typically either processor-intensive or memory-intensive. Costly counters cannot be selected with System Monitor but can be accessed using Showperf.exe and other tools included on the Windows 2000 Resource Kit companion CD.

Counter Name Description Counter Type
Exec Read Only Shows memory that can be executed as well as read. Image Space is the virtual address space used by the selected image with this protection. PERF_COUNTER_RAWCOUNT
Exec Read/Write Shows memory that can be executed by programs as well as being read and written. PERF_COUNTER_RAWCOUNT
Exec Write Copy Shows memory that can be executed by programs as well as being read and written. This type of protection is used when memory needs to be shared between processes. If the sharing processes only read the memory, then they all use the same memory. If a sharing process desires write access, then a copy of this memory is made for that process. PERF_COUNTER_RAWCOUNT
Executable Shows memory that can be executed by programs, but cannot be read or written. This type of protection is not supported by all processor types. PERF_COUNTER_RAWCOUNT
No Access Prevents a process from writing or reading these pages, and generates an access violation if either is attempted. PERF_COUNTER_RAWCOUNT
Read Only Prevents the contents of these pages from being modified. Any attempt to write or modify these pages generates an access violation PERF_COUNTER_RAWCOUNT
Read/Write Allows a process to read, modify and write to these pages. PERF_COUNTER_RAWCOUNT
Write Copy Used when memory is shared for reading but not for writing. When processes are reading this memory, they can share the same memory; however, when a sharing process wants read/write access to this shared memory, a copy is made for writing to. PERF_COUNTER_RAWCOUNT

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