Description This counter type measures the time it takes, on average, to complete a process or operation. Counters of this type display a ratio of the total elapsed time of the sample interval to the number of processes or operations completed during that time. This counter type measures time in ticks of the system clock. The F variable represents the number of ticks per second. The value of F is factored into the equation so that the result can be displayed in seconds.
Generic type Average
Formula ((N1 - N0) / F) / (D1 - D0), where the numerator (N) represents the number of ticks counted during the last sample interval, F represents the frequency of the ticks, and the denominator (D) represents the number of operations completed during the last sample interval.
Average ((Nx - N0) / F) / (Dx - D0)
Example PhysicalDisk\ Avg. Disk sec/Transfer