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Description This counter type shows the average ratio of hits to all operations during the last two sample intervals.
Generic type Percentage; Hits %
Formula (N1 - N0) / (D1 - D0), where the numerator (N) represents the number of successful operations during the last sample interval, and the denominator (D) represents the change in the number of all operations (of the type measured) completed during the sample interval.
Average (Nx - N0) / (Dx - D0) (See Note below)
Example Cache\Pin Read Hits %

Note Image Note

The Hit% counters are best displayed in System Monitor in chart view. Hits often appear in short bursts that are not visible in reports. Also, the average displayed for Hit% on the status bar in chart view might not match the average displayed in report view because they are calculated differently. In chart view, the Hit% is an average of all changes in the counter during the test interval; in report view, it is the average of the difference between the first and last counts during the test interval.


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