xml:space Handling in XAML

xml:lang is an XML defined attribute that declares the significant whitespace processing behavior within an object element, for all content (inner text) contained within the element where xml:space is declared, and also scopes to child elements.

<object xml:space="preserve" />

- or -

<object xml:space="default" />

The definition for the xml:space attribute in XAML including its two possible values is derived from xml:space as defined as a "special attribute" by World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) for XML.

The default value of the xml:space attribute is the literal value "default". For the value "default", or if xml:space is not indicated at all, the behavior of significant whitespace parsing will be the default handling, as defined in the topic Whitespace Processing in XAML.

To preserve whitespace within object element content, specify xml:space="preserve" on that object element.

The xml:space attribute effects and the value of the attribute are scoped to child elements.

Whitespace processing in XAML is discussed in detail in the topic Whitespace Processing in XAML.