The get_SearchDomain method gets the domain set for the user search. This method returns the domain set in IRTCUserSearchQuery::put_SearchDomain.

HRESULT get_SearchDomain(
  BSTR* pbstrDomain );


[out] Pointer to a string value that contains the domain the search should be requested from. The caller is responsible for freeing the memory used to contain this string with SysFreeString.

Return Values

RTC methods may return an RTC_E_ constant.

Return code Description
RTC_E_NOT_EXIST The requested domain has not been set for this query.
E_POINTER The pbstrDomain parameter is not a valid pointer.
E_OUTOFMEMORY Insufficient memory to perform this operation.


Redistributable: Requires Rtcdll.dll on Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003.
Header: Declared in Rtccore.h.
Library: Included as a resource in Rtcdll.dll.
GUID: IID_IRTCUserSearchQuery is defined as 288300F5-D23A-4365-9A73-9985C98C2881.

See Also

IRTCUserSearchQuery, IRTCUserSearchQuery::put_SearchDomain