The IRTCCollection interface enables Automation Client applications, such as those written in Visual Basic, to retrieve collection information. C or C++ programs use enumerator interfaces to retrieve the same information.

Methods in Vtable Order

The IRTCCollection interface inherits the methods of the standard COM interface IUnknown.

In addition, IRTCCollection defines the following methods, including those inherited from Requirements.

Method Description
get_Count Gets the number of items in the collection.
get_Item Given an index, returns an item from the collection.
get__NewEnum Gets an enumerator for the collection.


Client: Requires Windows XP.
Server: Requires Windows Server 2003.
Redistributable: Requires Rtcdll.dll on Windows 2000, and Windows Me/98.
Header: Declared in Rtccore.h.
Library: Included as a resource in Rtcdll.dll.
GUID: IID_IRTCCollection is defined as EC7C8096-B918-4044-94F1-E4FBA0361D5C.