The IRTCClientProvisioning2 interface provides a method for enabling an RTC XML server profile, extending the functionality of the IRTCClientProvisioning interface. The IRTCClientProvisioning2 interface is created by calling QueryInterface on the IRTCClient object.

Methods in Vtable Order

The IRTCClientProvisioning2 interface inherits the methods of the standard COM interface IUnknown.

In addition, IRTCClientProvisioning2 defines the following method, including those inherited from IRTCClientProvisioning.

Method Description
EnableProfileEx Enables a profile for use in server registration, roaming, and automatic profile selection.


Redistributable: Requires Rtcdll.dll on Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003.
Header: Declared in Rtccore.h.
Library: Included as a resource in Rtcdll.dll.
GUID: IID_IRTCClientProvisioning2 is defined as A70909B5-F40E-4587-BB75-E6BC0845023E.


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