The IRTCBuddy2 interface inherits from IRTCBuddy and extends buddy functionality by adding support for presence properties and profiles.

Methods in Vtable Order

The IRTCBuddy2 interface inherits the methods of the standard COM interface IUnknown.

In addition, IRTCBuddy2 defines the following methods, including those inherited from IRTCBuddy.

Method Description
get_Profile Returns the profile currently used by the buddy.
Refresh Refreshes the presence subscription for this buddy.
EnumerateGroups Returns an enumerated list of the groups this buddy belongs to.
get_Groups Returns a collection of the groups this buddy belongs to.


The IRTCClientPresence::AddBuddy method returns a pointer to an IRTCBuddy implementation. Support for IRTCBuddy2 can be confirmed with a call to QueryInterface on the returned IRTCBuddy interface. Any buddy object created should be immediately added to a buddy group using the IRTCBuddyGroup::AddBuddy method.


Redistributable: Requires Rtcdll.dll on Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003.
Header: Declared in Rtccore.h.
Library: Included as a resource in Rtcdll.dll.
GUID: IID_IRTCBuddy2 is defined as 102F9588-23E7-40e3-954D-CD7A1D5C0361.