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The IRTCBuddy interface includes methods to obtain presence status information on a Buddy object. The IRTCClientPresence::AddBuddy method creates the Buddy object.

Methods in Vtable Order

The IRTCBuddy interface inherits the methods of the standard COM interface IUnknown.

In addition, IRTCBuddy defines the following methods.

Method Description
get_Status Returns the current presence status of the Buddy.
get_Notes Returns the custom presence string of the Buddy.
get_PresentityURI Gets the presentity URI of the presence contact.
put_PresentityURI Sets the presentity URI of the presence contact.
get_Name Gets the displayable name of the presence contact.
put_Name Sets the displayable name of the presence contact.
get_Data Gets the private data associated with this presence contact.
put_Data Sets the private data of the presence contact.
get_Persistent Gets the persistence type.
put_Persistent Sets the persistence type.


Client: Requires Windows XP.
Server: Requires Windows Server 2003.
Redistributable: Requires Rtcdll.dll on Windows 2000, and Windows Me/98.
Header: Declared in Rtccore.h.
Library: Included as a resource in Rtcdll.dll.
GUID: IID_IRTCBuddy is defined as fcb136c8-7b90-4e0c-befe-56edf0ba6f1c.


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