About the RTC Client API

The Real-time Communications (RTC) Client API is a set of COM interfaces and methods designed to create PC-PC, PC-phone, phone-phone audio/video calls, or text-only Instant Messaging (IM) sessions over the Internet. Application sharing and whiteboard can also be added to PC-PC sessions. Presence information is used to track the location of buddies (or contacts) for communication purposes. This information is available through the RTC Client API on a SIP registrar server.

The RTC Client API:

  • Supports multiparty phone-phone calls
  • Uses SIP-based signaling and presence communications
  • Integrates with the Microsoft® Office RTC proxy and registrar server
  • Supports provisioning with ITSPs or third-party corporate-deployed servers
  • Integrates signals over IP and PSTN networks

RTC Client API Version 1.2

A number of fundamental additions to the RTC core API have been added to support roaming and logical grouping functionality, as well as user search behaviors. These additions and changes will be denoted specifically.

RTC Client API Version 1.3

Enhanced MPOP support, additional client security options, marshalling support, and support for new Microsoft® Office Live Communications Server features have been added.