Site Data Web Service
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Site Data Web Service

Windows SharePoint Services 3
The Site Data web service supports site indexing by external indexing services. Indexing is the process of building an external index of the Web site, facilitating search, auditing, or cataloging of the site content.

Public classSiteDataProvides methods that return metadata or list data from sites or lists in Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services.

Public structure_sFPUrlA structure specifying information about a folder, page or document.
Public structure_sListContains information about a list.
Public structure_sListMetadataSpecifies metadata information about the list.
Public structure_sListWithTimeRepresents information on a list.
Public structure_sPropertyA structure that defines the name and type of a list field.
Public structure_sSiteMetadataSpecifies the metadata information about the site collection.
Public structure_sWebMetadataContains metadata information for a Web site.
Public structure_sWebWithTimeSpecifies URL and last modified information about a site.

Public enumerationObjectTypeEnumerations that specify what type of object is being used on a SharePoint site.
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