This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

List Data Retrieval Web Service

Windows SharePoint Services 3
An adapter service that provides a method for performing queries against SharePoint lists.

To access this Web service set a Web reference to http://<site>/_vti_bin/DspSts.asmx.

For an example that shows how to use this service, see the Query method.

Public classAllFieldsUsed in a query to specify that all the fields be returned from the data source.
Public classAuthenticationRepresents the authentication mode that is used to connect to the back-end server.
Public classDataRootRepresents the root of the content document for a particular adapter instance.
Public classDspQueryDefines the filter used in a query against a data source provider.
Public classDSQueryRepresents a query used by a data retrieval service.
Public classFieldRepresents a single column in a query.
Public classFieldsRepresents the collection of columns that are included in a query.
Public classOrderFieldRepresents the column by which the result is ordered.
Public classPTQueryRepresents a pass-through query.
Public classQueryRequestRepresents the request in a query.
Public classRequestHeaderRepresents the request header in a query.
Public classServerParameterRepresents a server parameter required by the server containing the data source.
Public classServerParameterInfoRepresents information about the parameters used by the server containing the data source.
Public classStsAdapterRepresents the adapter service used to perform queries against sites and lists in Windows SharePoint Services.
Public classVersionsRepresents the versions of the data retrieval service that are supported by an adapter or the versions being used in a query.

Public enumerationColumnMappingTypeIndicates the type of XML format used for data returned in a query.
Public enumerationDocumentTypeSpecifies the document type for a request.
Public enumerationMethodTypeSpecifies the action of the request.
Public enumerationOrderDirectionSpecifies the direction in which a field or column is sorted.
Public enumerationResultContentTypeIndicates the type of content that is returned through a query.