[This feature was implemented for MSXML 5.0 for Microsoft Office Applications. XML digital signatures are not supported in MXSML 6.0 and later.]

The IXMLDSigKeyEx interface enables an XML application to access cryptographic information used in signature signing or verification. In addition to obtaining the certificate used in signature verification, an application can also retrieve the certificate context and the handle to the cryptographic service provider (CSP) created by the underlying process. Other cryptographic information can be obtained using the resultant certificate, certificate context, or CSP provider by calling the appropriate CryptoAPI functions.


getCSPHandleRetrieves the handle to the cryptographic service provider resulted from calling the IXMLDigitalSignature::createKeyFromCSP method.
getVerifyingCertficateContextRetrieves the certificate context associated with this key.


This is a non-dispatchable interface and can only be called in C/C++ applications.

Implementation: msxml5.dll

Header and IDL files: msxml2.h, msxml2.idl

Version-Dependent ProgID: Msxml2.DOMDocument.5.0, Msxml2.FreeThreadedDOMDocument.5.0

Version-Dependent CLSID: 88d969e5-f192-11d4-a65f-0040963251e5

MSXML 5.0 for Microsoft Office Applications and later