Installing a Digital Certificate


[This topic covers a procedure for working with the XML digital signatures support implemented in MSXML 5.0 for Microsoft Office Applications. XML digital signatures are not supported in MXSML 6.0 and later.]

After you have requested and been issued a digital certificate, you must install it on your machine.

To install a certificate to a machine

  1. Verify that the certificate has been issued by visiting the certificate authority (CA) server, such as "http://myCAServer/certsrv", to which you have previously submitted the request.

    System_CAPS_ICON_note.jpg Note

    If your certificate request is still pending, you must wait until an administrator on the CA server machine issues the certificate before you attempt this procedure. See Issuing a Certificate for a Pending Request for more information.

  2. Under Select a task, select Retrieve the CA certificate or certificate revocation list and click Next.

  3. On the Retrieve the CA certificate or certificate revocation list page, select the appropriate certificate (such as "Code Signing Certificate"), and click Next.

  4. Click the Install this certificate link.

  5. When prompted, click Yes to confirm installation of the certificate.

Next, you need to install the latest version of the Platform SDK and configure Visual C++ to use it.