reset Method (IXMLDOMParseErrorCollection)


[This sample code uses features that were implemented only in MSXML 6.0.]

Resets the internal position to start, so that the next method will return the first error in the list.


HRESULT reset()  



Return Values

The value returned if successful. This method never fails.

The following example illustrates the reset method. An attempt to validate XML data against an XML Schema results in two errors, because the XML file contains two invalid <book> elements. The code calls next on the resultant error collection object to walk through the collection, then calls the reset method and returns to the first error.

This example uses the same two resource files used in the allErrors example, books.xml and books.xsd. We've provided source files for the sample in three languages: JScript, Visual Basic, and C++. The output is the same in each language.

IXMLDOMParseErrorCollection Interface

Implemented in: MSXML 6.0

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