IXMLDOMDocument-DOMDocument Members


The following tables show the properties, methods, and events.

In C++, this interface inherits from IXMLDOMNode.

async*Specifies if asynchronous download is permitted. Read/write.
attributesContains the list of attributes for this node. Read-only.
baseName*Returns the base name for the name qualified with the namespace. Read-only.
childNodesContains a node list containing the children nodes. Read-only.
dataType*Specifies the data type for this node. Read/write.
definition*Returns the definition of the node in the document type definition (DTD) or schema. Read-only.
doctypeContains the document type node that specifies the DTD for this document. Read-only.
documentElementContains the root element of the document. Read/write.
firstChildContains the first child of this node. Read-only.
implementationContains the IXMLDOMImplementation object for the document. Read-only.
lastChildReturns the last child node. Read-only.
namespaceURI*Returns the Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) for the namespace. Read-only.
nextSiblingContains the next sibling of the node in the parent's child list. Read-only.
nodeNameReturns the qualified name for attribute, document type, element, entity, or notation nodes. Returns a fixed string for all other node types. Read-only.
nodeTypeSpecifies the XML Document Object Model (DOM) node type, which determines valid values and whether the node can have child nodes. Read-only.
nodeTypedValue*Contains this node's value expressed in its defined data type. Read/write.
nodeTypeString*Returns the node type in string form. Read-only.
nodeValueContains the text associated with the node. Read/write.
ondataavailable*Specifies the event handler for the ondataavailable event. Write-only.
onreadystatechange*Specifies the event handler to be called when the readyState property changes. Write-only.
ontransformnode*Specifies the event handler for the ontransformnode event. Write-only.
ownerDocumentReturns the root of the document that contains this node. Read-only.
parentNodeContains the parent node. Read-only.
parsed*Indicates the parsed status of the node and child nodes. Read-only.
parseError*Returns an IXMLDOMParseError object that contains information about the last parsing error. Read-only.
prefix*Returns the namespace prefix. Read-only.
preserveWhiteSpace*Specifies the default white space handling. Read/write.
previousSiblingContains the previous sibling of the node in the parent's child list. Read-only.
readyState*Indicates the current state of the XML document. Read-only.
resolveExternals*Indicates whether external definitions (resolvable namespaces, DTD external subsets, and external entity references) are to be resolved at parse time, independent of validation. Read/write.
specified*Indicates whether the node (usually an attribute) is explicitly specified or derived from a default value in the DTD or schema. Read-only.
text*Represents the text content of the node or the concatenated text representing the node and its descendants. Read/write.
url*Returns the URL for the last loaded XML document. Read-only.
validateOnParse*Indicates whether the parser should validate this document. Read/write.
xml*Contains the XML representation of the node and all its descendants. Read-only.

* Denotes an extension to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) DOM.

abort*Aborts an asynchronous download in progress.
appendChildAppends a new child as the last child of this node.
cloneNodeClones a new node.
createAttributeCreates a new attribute with the specified name.
createCDATASectionCreates a CDATA section node that contains the supplied data.
createCommentCreates a comment node that contains the supplied data.
createDocumentFragmentCreates an empty IXMLDOMDocumentFragment object.
createElementCreates an element node using the specified name.
createEntityReferenceCreates a new EntityReference object.
createNode*Creates a node using the supplied type, name, and namespace.
createProcessingInstructionCreates a processing instruction node that contains the supplied target and data.
createTextNodeCreates a text node that contains the supplied data.
getElementsByTagNameReturns a collection of elements that have the specified name.
hasChildNodesProvides a fast way to determine whether a node has children.
insertBeforeInserts a child node to the left of the specified node or at the end of the list.
load*Loads an XML document from the specified location.
loadXML*Loads an XML document using the supplied string.
nodeFromID*Returns the node that matches the ID attribute.
removeChildRemoves the specified child node from the list of children and returns it.
replaceChildReplaces the specified old child node with the supplied new child node.
save*Saves an XML document to the specified location.
selectNodes*Applies the specified pattern-matching operation to this node's context and returns the list of matching nodes as IXMLDOMNodeList.
selectSingleNode*Applies the specified pattern-matching operation to this node's context and returns the first matching node.
transformNode*Processes this node and its children using the supplied XSLT style sheet and returns the resulting transformation.
transformNodeToObject*Processes this node and its children using the supplied XSLT style sheet and returns the resulting transformation in the supplied object.

* Denotes an extension to the W3C DOM.

ondataavailable*Fires when new data is available.
onreadystatechange*Fires when the readyState property changes.
ontransformnode*Fires before the style sheet is applied to a node.

* Denotes an extension to the W3C DOM.

ondataavailable Event
ontransformnode Event
readyState Property (DOMDocument)