How Do I Use DOM?


This section provides a series of exercises in programming with XML DOM APIs in C/C++, Visual Basic, and JScript. The following table describes these hands-on tutorials.

Besides these tutorials, you can search for and download more more MSXML samples from Developer Code Samples on MSDN.

How Do I?Description
Program with DOM in C/C++A series of task-oriented Win32 console applications written in C/C++. These samples demonstrate how to call the DOM APIs to perform basic XML-related tasks, such as loading and saving a DOM object; performing XLS Transformations (XSLT); creating a DOM object dynamically in an application; querying a node or node-set using XPath expressions; and validating an XML document against a specified XML Schema definition.
Program with DOM in C/C++ Using Smart Pointer Class WrappersA series of task-oriented Win32 console applications in C/C++ that use smart pointer classes to work with interfaces.
Program with DOM in Visual BasicA series of task-oriented Visual Basic applications. These samples demonstrate many of the same tasks demonstrated in the C/C++ tutorial.
Program with DOM in JScriptThese samples demonstrate how to use DOM APIs to perform common tasks in JScript.
Program with DOM in VBScriptThis sample demonstrates how to use DOM APIs to perform XML validation (either a single file or bulk files) if you are using VBScript.