IServerXMLHTTPRequest-ServerXMLHTTP Members


The following tables show the properties, methods, and events.

In C/C++, this interface inherits from IXMLHTTPRequest.

onreadystatechangeSpecifies the event handler to be invoked when the readyState property changes. Read/write.
responseBodyRepresents the response entity body as an array of unsigned bytes. Read-only.
readyStateRepresents the state of the request. Read-only.
responseStreamRepresents the response entity body as an IStream. Read-only.
responseTextRepresents the response entity body as a string. Read-only.
responseXMLRepresents the response entity body as parsed by Microsoft® XML Core Services (MSXML). Read-only.
statusRepresents the HTTP status code returned by a request. Read-only.
statusTextRepresents the HTTP response line status. Read-only.
System_CAPS_ICON_note.jpg Note

The following method names are case-sensitive when used with ServerXMLHTTP, unlike XMLHTTP method names, which are not.

abortCancels the current HTTP request.
getAllResponseHeadersRetrieves the values of all the HTTP headers.
getOptionReturns the value of one of the following options:

getResponseHeaderRetrieves the value of an HTTP header from the response body.
openInitializes a request and specifies the method, URL, and authentication information for the request.
sendSends an HTTP request to the server and receives a response.
setOptionSets one of the following options:

setProxySpecify proxy configuration.
setProxyCredentialsSpecify proxy authentication credentials.
setTimeoutsSpecifies timeout settings for resolving the domain name, establishing the connection to the server, sending the data, and receiving the response.
setRequestHeaderSpecifies the name of an HTTP header.
waitForResponseAllows the requesting server to suspend execution while waiting for an asynchronous send operation to complete.