This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

How to: Get or Set a Dock Value

The following example shows how to assign a Dock value for an object. The example uses the GetDock and SetDock methods of DockPanel.

The example creates an instance of the TextBlock element, txt1, and assigns a Dock value of Top by using the SetDock method of DockPanel. It then appends the value of the Dock property to the Text of the TextBlock element by using the GetDock method. Finally, the example adds the TextBlock element to the parent DockPanel, dp1.

			// Create the Panel DockPanel
			dp1 = new DockPanel();

			// Create a Text Control and then set its Dock property
			txt1 = new TextBlock();
			DockPanel.SetDock(txt1, System.Windows.Controls.Dock.Top);
			txt1.Text = "The Dock Property is set to " + DockPanel.GetDock(txt1);
			mainWindow.Content = dp1;