Service Samples

Service Samples

The samples in this section cover service hosting, behaviors, and error handling in a Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) service.

In This Section

Service: Behaviors Samples

Covers samples that show how to configure the instancing behavior and concurrency, and use attributes to define permissions.

Service Hosting Samples

Covers samples that show services that are self hosted, Web hosted, and hosted as an NT Service.

Multiple Endpoints

Shows how to configure multiple endpoints in a single contract.

Multiple Contracts

Demonstrates how to implement more than one contract on a service and how to configure endpoints for communicating with each of the implemented contracts.


Demonstrates a how to specify endpoints using relative or absolute addressing.

Service Description

Demonstrates how a service can retrieve its service description information at runtime.


Demonstrates how to define a WsHttpBinding for a service using code.

Service Interoperability Samples

Shows how non-WCF clients can interoperate with a WCF service.

Security Samples

Demonstrates service security functionality.


Demonstrates how to send extra information on a WCF call using headers.

Multiple Endpoints at a Single ListenUri

Demonstrates a service that hosts multiple endpoints at a single ListenUri.

ConcurrencyMode Reentrant

Demonstrates the necessity and implications of using ConcurrencyMode.Reentrant on a service implementation.

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