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Client Samples

The samples in this section show client features or behaviors.

In This Section

Typed Client
Demonstrates how to obtain information from a typed client generated by the ServiceModel Metadata Utility Tool (Svcutil.exe).

Channel Factory
Demonstrates how a client can create a channel with the ChannelFactory class instead of using a generated client.

Retrieve Metadata
Demonstrates how to implement a client that dynamically retrieves metadata from a service to choose an endpoint with which to communicate.

Client Interoperability Samples
Shows how a client can interoperate with a Web Service (ASMX) and how a client can use the XmlSerializer class.

Expected Exceptions
Demonstrates how to catch expected exceptions when using a typed client.

Avoiding Problems with the Using Statement
Demonstrates how (not) to use the C# "using" statement to automatically cleanup resources when using a typed client.

Address Headers
Demonstrates how clients can pass reference parameters to a service using Windows Communication Foundation (WCF).

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