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Service: Behaviors Samples

The samples in this section cover service behaviors.

In This Section

Default Service Behavior
Demonstrates how basic service behavior settings are configured.

Shows how to configure the instancing behavior of a service.

Shows how to configure the concurrency behavior of a service.

Metadata Publishing Behavior
Demonstrates how to control the metadata publishing behaviors of a service.

Demonstrates the use of throttling controls.

Service Transaction Behavior
Demonstrates how to configure the service transaction behavior.

Authorizing Access to Service Operations
Demonstrates how to use the PrincipalPermissionAttribute attribute to authorize access to a service operation.

Impersonating the Client
Demonstrates how to impersonate the caller application at the service so that the service can access system resources on behalf of the caller.

Membership and Role Provider
Demonstrates how a service can use the ASP.NET Membership and Role Providers to authenticate and authorize clients.

Service Auditing Behavior
Demonstrates how to use the ServiceSecurityAuditBehavior to enable auditing of security events during service operations.

Service Debug Behavior
Demonstrates how service debug behavior settings can be configured.

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