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Windows Communication Foundation Extensibility Samples

The samples in this section demonstrate some Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) extensibility scenarios.

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DataContract Surrogate
Demonstrates how processes such as serialization, deserialization, schema export, and schema import can be customized using a data contract surrogate class. This sample shows how to use a surrogate in a client and server scenario where data is serialized and transmitted between a WCF client and service.

Extending Control Over Error Handling and Reporting
Demonstrates how to extend control over error handling and error reporting in a WCF service using the IErrorHandler interface.

Operation Formatter and Operation Selector
Demonstrates how WCF extensibility points can be used to allow message data in a different format from what WCF expects. By default, WCF formatters expect method parameters to be included under the <soap:body> element. The sample shows instead how to plug in a custom operation formatter that parses parameter data from an HTTP GET query string and invokes methods using that data.

Custom Service Host
Demonstrates how to use a custom derivative of the ServiceHost class to alter the run-time behavior of a service. This approach provides a reusable alternative to configuring a large number of services in a common way. The sample also demonstrates how to use the ServiceHostFactory class to use a custom ServiceHost in the Internet Information Services (IIS) or Windows Process Activation Service (WAS) hosting environment.

Instancing Extensibility Samples
Demonstrates WCF instancing extensibility scenarios.

Custom Message Filter
Demonstrates how to replace the message filters that WCF uses to dispatch messages to endpoints.

Parameter Filter
Demonstrates how to validate the parameters passed to a method before it is invoked.

Message Inspectors
Demonstrates how to implement and configure client and service message inspectors.

Metadata Extensibility Samples
Demonstrates WCF metadata extensibility scenarios.

Interoperable Extensibility Samples
Demonstrates WCF interoperable extensibility scenarios.

Binding Extensibility Samples
Demonstrates WCF binding extensibility scenarios.

Transport Extensibility Samples
Demonstrates WCF transport extensibility scenarios.

Message Encoder Extensibility Samples
Demonstrates WCF channel extensibility scenarios.

Message Encoder Extensibility Samples
Demonstrates WCF message encoder extensibility scenarios.

Rules-Driven WCF Router
Uses the Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) rules engine to implement the core router functionality that determines where to forward a given message.

Security Extensibility Samples
Demonstrates WCF security extensibility scenarios.

File Persistence Provider Sample
Demonstrates how to create a persistence provider that works with durable services.

Web Programming Model Extensibility Samples
Demonstrates how to use the extensibility model for the WCF Web programming model.

Syndication Extensibility Samples
Demonstrates how to use the extensibility model for WCF syndication feeds (ATOM/RSS).

JSON with Padding (AJAX)
Demonstrates support for JSON with Padding (JSONP) in WCF services.

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