How to: Set Margins of Elements and Controls


This example describes how to set the Margin property, by changing any existing property value for the margin in code-behind. The Margin property is a property of the FrameworkElement base element, and is thus inherited by a variety of controls and other elements.

This example is written in Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML), with a code-behind file that the XAML refers to. The code-behind is shown in both a C# and a Microsoft Visual Basic version.

  <Button Click="OnClick" Margin="10" Name="btn1">
  Click To See Change!!</Button>

        void OnClick(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
            // Get the current value of the property.
            Thickness marginThickness = btn1.Margin;
            // If the current leftlength value of margin is set to 10 then change it to a new value.
            // Otherwise change it back to 10.
            if(marginThickness.Left == 10)
                 btn1.Margin = new Thickness(60);
            } else {
                 btn1.Margin = new Thickness(10);