How to: Style a ToolTip

.NET Framework 3.0

This example shows how to create and use a Style for a ToolTip control.


The following example defines a style called Simple that offsets the placement of a ToolTip and changes its appearance by setting the background, foreground, font size, and font weight.

<Style x:Key="Simple" TargetType="{x:Type ToolTip}">
    <Setter Property = "HorizontalOffset" Value="50"/>
    <Setter Property = "VerticalOffset" Value="50"/>
    <Setter Property = "Background" Value="LightBlue"/>
    <Setter Property = "Foreground" Value="Purple"/>
    <Setter Property = "FontSize" Value="20"/>
    <Setter Property = "FontWeight" Value="Bold"/>

The following example shows how to set the Style of a ToolTip that is defined on a TextBlock.

<TextBox HorizontalAlignment="Left">TextBox with ToolTip
     <ToolTip Style="{StaticResource Simple}">
       <TextBlock>useful information goes here</TextBlock>

For the complete sample, see ToolTip Styles Sample.

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