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Application Samples

The samples in this section represent complete applications written for Windows Workflow Foundation that demonstrate the use of several technology areas.

In This Section

Ordering State Machine Sample

Demonstrates how to create a state machine workflow that implements an order-processing system.

Outlook Workflow Wizard Sample

Demonstrates how to host the Windows Workflow Foundation Visual Studio designer to create an application that generates rules for Microsoft Office Outlook.

Speech Application Sample

Demonstrates how to create a state machine workflow that implements a speech-driven menu application.

Termination Tracking Service Sample

Demonstrates how to create a custom tracking service to track workflow terminations.

Tracking Profile Designer Sample

Enables you to visually create a tracking profile. Thetracking profile can then be saved to a file or a database in SQL Server.

Workflow Monitor Sample

Consists of a tool that lets you see the progress of a workflow instance. It uses the SqlTrackingService to gather the current status of the workflow and activities and uses the rehostable workflow designer to show progress.

Workflow Reflection Utility Sample

Provides an extensible tool for extracting workflow-related information from an assembly. Each workflow's hierarchy, declarative rules, and required local services are displayed in a tree view. This allows for easy browsing of the compiled workflow's structure.

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