This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Invoking Web Services from a Workflow

The Windows Workflow Foundation framework supports Web service interoperability, which includes the ability to invoke a Web service from a workflow. You can add the InvokeWebServiceActivity activity to a workflow to call from the workflow into a Web service. The InvokeWebServiceActivity activity lets you do this by building on top of the typical .NET Framework facility for calling a Web service, the SoapHttpClientProtocol class.

You can mimic the operation of the InvokeWebServiceActivity activity by using a code activity to create an instance of a Web service proxy class and call the Web service method you want to use on the instance of the proxy. You create the proxy class by running the WSDL.exe program, which generates a class derived from the SoapHttpClientProtocol class.

For more information about InvokeWebServiceActivity, see Using the InvokeWebServiceActivity Activity and the InvokeWebServiceActivity class of the System.Workflow.Activities namespace in the Windows Workflow Foundation Class Library reference.

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