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Tutorial: Create a Sequential Workflow

A sequential workflow is designed to execute a series of predefined steps to accomplish a certain task. This architecture is analogous to a procedure-based application design. This tutorial walks you through a series of steps to create a simple expense report application that uses a Windows Form for the user interface and a sequential workflow for the business logic.

The application is a simple expense report that consists of a text field to enter an amount and a button to submit the expense report. The workflow uses rules to evaluate the amount and to require approval from a lead if the amount is less than 1000, or approval from a manager if the amount is greater than or equal to 1000. If approval is needed, the workflow communicates back to the application and displays a drop-down panel that contains Approve and Reject buttons. When one of these buttons is clicked, the application notifies the workflow of the response, and the workflow continues to process the event.

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