Telephony Application Programming Interfaces

The Microsoft telephony application programming interfaces support the development of communications applications for Microsoft Windows. The telephony interfaces are listed in the following table.

TAPI 2.x A C-programming language based API that enables you to implement communications applications ranging from basic modem control to call centers with multiple agents and switches.
TAPI 3.x A COM-based API that merges classic and IP telephony.
TSPI A telephony service provider (TSP) is a dynamic-link library (DLL) that supports communications device control through a set of exported service functions. A TAPI application uses standardized commands, TAPI passes information to the telephony service provider, and the TSP handles the specific commands that must be exchanged with the device.
MSPI A media service provider (MSP) allows an application considerable control over the media for a particular transport mechanism. An MSP is always paired with a telephony service provider (TSP).




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