This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Security Considerations for Workflow-Enabled Applications

When you create workflow hosts and services, you should consider the following regarding security:

  • Extensively test hosting services that are authored cross-team or cross-company before you use them as part of the host.

  • The host must secure all data stores for workflow instances and tracking by associating them with an access control list (ACL). An ACL is a list of security protections that applies to an object.

  • The host configuration file should be associated with an access control list (ACL) to prevent tampering.

  • The host must trust the workflows that run by using the workflow runtime.

  • The host should authenticate the security principal.

  • The host should secure the databases used for timers and state persistence.

  • The host must trust the workflow that is being tracked.

  • Passing in a null System.Security.Principal.WindowsIdentity object to RaiseEvent methods corresponds to anonymous access with no role check.

  • Any dynamic changes to WorkflowRoleCollection should be guarded by appropriate access checks at the host level.

  • SQL connection strings should be specified individually or at one central location.

  • SQL scripts are part of configuration but do not run at installation time.

  • Integrated SQL server security should be used for the default SQL tracking service.

  • Databases, configuration files, and activity and workflow assemblies should be secured by the hosting environment.

  • Data stores for messages, queues, and workflow instance data should be secured by the host.

  • Default tracking services, such as the SQL tracking services should have complete access to the tracking database.

  • Tracking services are responsible for moving data events pushed to them to their corresponding data stores.

  • The host must set appropriate access controls on profiles that are stored in XML format or trust the profile object passed to the host.

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